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Berlin, Germany

Gerox Crocianelli, founding member and vocalist of Berlin-based Melodic Hardcore outfit Kill Her First, has dropped a new project in between writing and rehearsing for the band’s upcoming winter release. "When coronavirus forced the band to take a break, I had some time to dive into beats and rhymes,“ the singer, known for her violently honest screaming, states. Explaining the theme and meaning of her new solo single, she explains „Each of us is full of competing facets – the loud and the quiet, ferocity and reason. I called my project The Kid vs. Me to show this ongoing struggle of growing up while staying true to the hopes and dreams from your youth." It‘s an experimental track based on a pulsing beat, eerie synth vibes and layered background vocals - the angsty, introspective lyrics remind of fragmented journal entries while the track’s sound draws inspiration from Hip Hop, Emo and Alternative.