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Kill Her First

Berlin, Germany

Kill Her First is a Berlin-based Metal / Punk Hardcore band that ties first contacts within the scene. At Waterdown drummer Philipp Meyer’s Burning Flag studio, they record the EP Insidher in 2008. Following countless Berlin clubshows and a short tour through Sweden, the album Anatomy 101 is released in 2010. At this point, the band’s lineup is not fully female any more – Oliver Meyer replaces Nina on guitar with Vincent Hulman taking overthe drums from Giulia, who can now fully focus on her role as vocalist.


Kill Her First continue making a name for themselves – opening for Thursday, Kittie, Anberlin and The Sorrow. They join Blackout Problems on a mini tour through Austria and share the stage with Refused, Hot Water Music, Lagwagon and Anti Flag for Monster Bash Festival in 2012. One year later, Kill Her First is featured on the soundtrack for feature film Fortress by Kirsi Marie Liimatainen.


In 2014, Kill Her Sexismracismhomophobia First is released. VISIONS picks the EP as its demo of the month. The band is invited to play on prime-time TV show Circus Halligalli and also pops up on the radar of French label KROD, where, in 2016, the EP Born To Be Strong is released. The single Tightrope reaches 33,000 views on YouTube and is featured on StarFM radio. Sophie Schwalbe replaces Oliver on guitar. Kill Her First continues to be a live force and plays shows with Cancer Bats and Ignite.


In 2017, new drummer David Lütke joins the band. Kill Her First supports international bands Daggermouth, Blood Command, Walls Of Jericho and Hoods. The single Street Dog vs. Eagle is heralding fresh material and promising an evolution of the band’s sound. This upcoming album is in the making and will be out next Fall 2020 on KROD Records.


One thing is clear: Kill Her First have grown up. The band is not afraid of combining oldschool hardcore with huge rock sound.