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Can't Bear This Party!

Nice, France

Can’t bear this party !! is a french pop hardcore band born in may 2008.


The principal influences are Set Your Goals, Such Gold, New Found Glory, and Motion City Soundtrack. After a first EP "Modern Factory", the band started to make concerts in many cities in France, and started to make its name become familiar to people of the french punk scene, and, thanks to the internet, on foreign countries.


The Ep received good critics on the press, and one year after they decided to make an entire album. Fast songs, with a lot of breaks and some mosh parts, bad jokes lyrics accompanied by geeky melodies of microkorg keyboard, 8‐bit‐alike electribe, and sometimes instruments like the glockenspiel or the musicbox... that’s a good description of “Ain’t no princess”, their first 11 tracks album, (released in Europe and Japan); that has received many good critics by the press and worldwide people.


They‘ve shared the scene with french and international bands such as Transit, Title Fight, High Five Drive, The Carrier , Nine Eleven, Chunk, ! no, Captain Chunk !!, and played in most Europeans countries.