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Between Bodies started out as a creative valve for most of us to either write songs, riffs and lyrics that didn´t really find a place in the other bands we are or were in or to finally play another instrument than we all do in those aforementioned projects. We are playing or used to play in Giver (Benni & Chris), A Time To Stand (Nils) and Worst Gift (Susan) and toured a lot in the past but wanted to start something new with both old and new friends. ​


Nils and Chris have known each other for almost 15 years and Susan just moved to Germany this year. So we got together, wrote the EP over the course of a year via Dropbox folders and one-man demos and recorded all six songs with Paras at Level 3 Entertainment Studio in Essen to keep the crappy-demo phase internally to ourselves. Luckily, the plan worked well and Krod Records signed us to release On Fences in December 2019.