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KOBLENZ, Germany

Okay, okay, okay – that whole trap-song thing and not playing ROCK was just a joke.

LIOTTA SEOUL are and will stay a band with roaring guitars, ooze the spirit of a mid-90s episode of MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball” and it is about goddamn time they lose their status as an insider’s tip.

Their new EP “Cool” will be available on October first 2021 via Krod Records and is jam-packed with four relentless HITS (yes, all caps), you will want to listen toat least twice in a row. Their first single is called “David Blaine”.

The magician David Blaine is who gives the third track it’s title. “They guy sticks needles through his hand, eats glas and regurgitates frogs and fishes. He’s basically a super human!” exclaims a very thrilled Sven Int-Veen. “It’s a metaphor for trying to be the very best at something, or in our case half decent.” The song came about a couple of days before entering the studios because producer Daniel Jung vetoed another track. Great decision!

The video for “David Blaine” breaks with the tongue-in-cheek subtext LIOTTA SEOUL have utilised for their work thus far. The clip shows and celebrates a lot of different and interesting people who live outside of societal norms: Full-time musicians, roller skaters, vintage car collectors, painters and many more are represented in the video. “All of these people do incredibly cool things and stand for something unique. They inspire us, and hopefully other people will be inspired to create something special when they see this.” says the band.

LIOTTA SEOUL were formed in 2017 in Koblenz, their members Sven Int-Veen, Lukas Stein and Nikolas Becker have since spreaded over half of Germany. Their output has been notable: Their first self-titled record was released in the year of their formation, they recorded and filmed an elaborate live-EP the year after, recorded a second record titled “Hopper” with US-producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstok, etc.) in California and released it the following spring in 2020. In spite of playing regular live-shows and garnering a lot of well-spirited reviews, the band is still under the radar of mainstream success, which is going to change through their new EP “Cool”.